Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Update

The author is not a doctor nor nutritionist. The author will not be offering advice for the reader to follow. Before starting any diet or exercise program be sure to consult with your medical practitioner. This blog was created for the express purpose of reporting the individual results of the author's weight loss and cholesterol lowering program.

Hello fellow diet and weight loss enthusiasts! I have been really busy lately, so this update has been somewhat delayed. Some good news. I weighed myself this morning, and I have lost another 3.5 pounds! The same regimen has been followed as before. Exer-cycling for 15-miles on Monday~Friday each week, adding a couple miles of walking per week as well.

Before I started on the exercycle, I was walking 3-miles per day, every day, but I was not losing the weight I was expecting to lose. The exercycle burns about 1200+ calories at 15-miles, and at about 39~40 minutes per workout this totals 6,000 calories per week burned.

The cholesterol-lowering project will continue into September, as I feel that testing the premise that 1/4-teaspoon of ground cinnammon, twice-daily will have had sufficient time to prove it's worthiness. I will then schedule a cholesterol screening, and we'll see what has occurred!

I must say that I have recently enjoyed greater energy, mowing the lawn and taking care of my own yard has been made easier by the increased stamina provided by exercycling. I am also sleeping like a baby, no doubt due to the increased physical activity.

My doctor has stated that walking is another excellent form of exercise, however it takes me approximately one-hour to walk three miles, and I do not know how many calories I am burning in one-hour of walking.

Suffice to say, I am pleased with the results of my diet modification and weight-loss experience to date. If my cholesterol screening returns with a positive report, then I will be doubly pleased!

Thank you for reading this blog about my diet and weight loss program. Please do leave a brief comment below, I promise to respond.

Respectfully, Nicholas

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