Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back From A Road Trip!

Hello Fellow Dieters! I took a brief break from all of my blogs, to travel out of town on business to the place you see above.

Upon my return I weighed myself on my digital scales. Guess what? All the time away having great meals with family and friends, bread, the large dinner or breakfast here or there, and upon my return? No weight gain!

No weight loss either, still at 203 1/2 pounds, which was what I weighed when I left! Of course, I could not take my exercyle with me, so I did not exercise at all during my travels, save a bit of a walk to the local coffee shop for a hot latte!

I am still continuing the 1/4-teaspoon of ground cinammon morning and evening as before. I did keep up this regimen while traveling as I wanted to gauge the success of this cholesterol-lowering test accurately. Once I make my appoinrment at the doctor in October, I will request the cholesterol lab work be done.

I will be really excited if my diet modifications, and weight loss goals, with exercise project proves successful. My doctor will be pleased that I have kept going on the exercise program too.

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Respectfully, Nicholas

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