Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back On The Program After Injury

Hello fellow weight loss and dieting afficianados!

I was under the radar for quite some time after pulling just a 'thread' of my right hamstring. Doctor visit confirmed no serious side effects, but he recommended I not lift heavy objects when they are suspended way out in front of my hands...

So I intend to slowly re-introduce my exer-cycling routine, gradually getting back up to 15 miles-per day by early May. This 42 minute workout is aerobic, and causes a feeling of well-being after completion of the cycling.

My breakfasts have been alternating between Cheerios (lower cholesterol?) and milk with one whole banana, and two eggs and two whole grain (15 grain), toasted bread slices three times weekly. I need to get back on the other grains, oatmeal is supposed to be a great lean muscle mass burner like eggs for protein, so I'll report on the progress.

Current Weight: 201.1 pounds

Target Weight: 195 pounds or lower, (eventually 185 would be correct for my height, 5'-10").

Check back often, and leave me a comment?


Nicholas Chase